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URO SPECIAL. Special pages for special problems. Information on frequent urological problems. Impotence - Interstitial Cystitis - Vasectomy Reversal   KIDNEY. An introduction about the location and form of the kidneys, and their function in daily human life. About what may go wrong and how to find out. And what can be done about it.   BLADDER. Where is it located and what is it for. Can it cause trouble; and if it does, what kind of trouble. Which examinations exist. Which kind of solutions are there when it does not function properly.   PROSTATE. An organ that, especially in the elderly, is quite often thought and talked about, although many do not know what it is for and/or where it can be found. How does one go about to find out whether the prostate does or does not do what it is intended to do, whether it is obstructing etc. How can problems be solved. Included is a questionnaire to get an estimate on the severity of urinating problems.   PENIS. An organ that, especially in the younger, is quite often thought and talked about, while most do know what it stands for and how it looks like. Many people, however, do not know how it (he) works and what can be done if it (he) does not work.   TESTICLE. Like the kidneys, the testicles are supplied in duplicate. They harbour two distinct functions. What can go wrong and how can we solve that. How can the testicles be tested.   UROLOGY. What kind of doctor is a urologist anyway, what does he/she do. Which part of the body 'belongs' to the 'urologic area'. Also the location of the small print. UROPANEL: questions to the urologists' panel.
Answers to questions to the urology panel

Some people send us a question without a (proper) e-mail address; to accomodate those, who have still not received a reply because we do not know where to send it, we have decided to publish those, anonymized, questions (and answers). If you did not get a reply and are wondering why, this is the place to look.

Question:i have a tear in the tube from the kidney to the bladder. urine comes out of my perinium wounds daily. i am also incontinent and self catheterise i am 42 and fairly healthy. i have a colostomy too. can the tear be repaired by surgery. i had bowel cancer 18 months ago. i am scared that if cancer returns i wont be able to have treatment . the district nurse says the perinium wounds wont heal while i have the tear in the tube. what do your experts think? You underwent big surgery, and sometimes things can get damaged while trying to save a life. It all depends on the damage to the ureter, but generally speaking, it can be repaires surgically (open surgery) when the hole is not too big and the blood supply to that part of ureter is good enough. This surgery should be done fairly quickly after the first surgery. Eighteen months is a very long time. First, they have to put in a drain directly into the kidney: this would bypass the urine away from the ureter, thereby drying out the perineum wound and allowing it to cure. Secondly, x-rays can be taken to figure out where the hole in the ureter is, which by that time will have sealed. Depending on the size of the hole and the amount of scar tissue, an attempt can be made to repair the ureter.

Question:Hi, Would be very grateful for your help. My problem is this: I have an bacteria infection in my prostata so I have gotten Heracillin (flukloxacillin ) and Celebra . I have eaten this medicin for 35 days now and I feel some improvements but no big ones. I have some sympton that my doctor cant answer what it is and its quite disturbing that I cant get any answer. For me its a really big and painful problem, that is when I ejaculate my semen contains large round threads of "jelly" they are at least 5 mm wide and sometimes 30 mm long. Sometimes they are so large that they almost stops the ejaculation. I can ejaculate one day and see these large objects and the next day its comes more if I ejaculate. Im very afraid that I have some big problem with my testicles/prostate.What is these long jelly like pieces and how is it possible to produceso fast?What should I do to treat this? I do not know what Celebra is, while flucloxacillin is definitively not the right antibiotic for prostate infections. On the other hand, a prostate infection generally takes upto 2-3 months to get partially cured, and even longer to get fully cured. In the mean time, the prostate does not function correctly and this jelly-like substances may be a symptom. A prostate infection is best treated by an expert. If the symptoms do not subside in the coming months, then consult a urologist. The problems are not cause by the testicles and do not seem related to possible cancer.

Question:regular abdom. pain feels like i have a full bladder but no water is passed - had this since my child was born 4 years ago - intercourse is affected - feels like 'he' is pushing against something and then i get a very bad shooting pain at the back of my vagina - please help! It seems to me that you may have a gynecological problem, like a lowering of the bladder, the bowel or the uterus. I do not really think that there is anything urologically wrong with you. I advise you to consult a gynecologist and let him/her have a look.

Question:I have recently had a hysterectomy,during surgery a crystalized lump was located in my bladder, it is the size of a small strawberry,it was suggested that the lump was left well alone.It has become very apparent since the pain from the hysterectomy has subsided that i have lower back pain around the kidney area.I am concerned as a GP has prescribed Ibuprofen,she is convinced the pain is mechanical even though i have been off work 12weeks.Should i be taking these tablets? If your doctor says so, yes, you have to take the tablets. If a lump was found inside the bladder, a cystoscopy should be performed by a urologist to look inside the bladder. Also, anm ultraosund of the kidneys shopuld be done to make sure whether something is troubling them.

Question:Is it possible to have sex with a uertheral catheter in situ. If so how? Some people say that sex is possible for a male with a catheter, and I have even heard of patients who actually do it. I've never talked to one, so I do not know just how they managed. I haven't a clue on how it is possible.

Question:Iwent to doctor with problem erection not lasting verylong he then put me on viagra later i went back for check up he told he had something better that was better than viagra . he gave me triple mix you use by injection.First time i used erection lasted eight hours .second time it lasted three days and nights.I had to check in Hospital.He had to use needle to remove blood in penis.HE told me everything would heal.two years waiting he said i have scared tissue can you HELP. The damage has been done already, and there is nothing that can be done to undo it. The only thing is wait and hope that it comes out right. With this kind of medication, the erection is not supposed to last any longer than 6-8 hours. Any longer than that, and the erectile bodies inside the penis may have become damaged.

Question:Hello! Around 3 weeks ago my husband started feeling pain around the head of his penis when erect. Only erect. Also a little discomfort when engaging in sex. What could this be? It could be just an internal bruise. Or it could be the start of Peyronies (see the website). If it remains after some weeks more, I advise you to tell him to go to a doctor.

Question:kindly send me the iformation,how to treat autoagglutination of spermatozoa. As far as I know (but these things are usually done in fertility centers) they tend to use huigh dose corticosteroids (prednisone) for a long time, but I fail to come up with the dose. Maybe you could ask around locally.

Question:HELLO! MY QUESTION IS , MY HUSBAND HAS HAD PAIN AND SWELLING IN HIS RIGHT TESTICLE.ALSO HE HAS A REDISH BROWNISH COLORED IN HIS SPERM.LOOKS LIKE BLOOD.HE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM 1 YEAR AGO AND THE UROLOGIST SAID IT WAS A URANIARY TRACT INFECTION.I HAVE NOT HAD ANY PROBLEMS MYSELF.COULD THIS BE CAUSED FROM DRINKING ALOT OF SODAS AND TEA?OR WHAT COULD CAUSE THIS PROBLEM?AND ALSO WILL BEER MAKE IT WORSE OR HELP IT,IF IT IS AN INFECTION?THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWER!! He probably indeed has a prostate and epididymis infection, which is nearly always cause by ordinary bacteria, so you will probably have no problems. And it has nothing to do with the drinks you mention, although many people who have frequent urinary infections have a habit of not drinking (and peeing) enough. It seems to me that he will need antibiotic treatment, so send him to a urologist (not a family doctor).

Question:Dear sirs; I am requesting the name of the condition, where an individual is born with an exposed bladder, and a deformed urethra canal. I have been unable to locate this condition on the web yet. Thank you for any assistance you can offer. This condition is called bladder extrophy (or extrophia vesicae in Latin). It is, fortunately, a rare condition, that can be very difficult to repair.

Question:HI. I'M 20 YEARS OLD AND I DONT HAVE ANY BEARD.THEY TOLD ME TO SEE AN UROLOG BUT BEFORE I DO THAT I WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT THAT HORMONE TREATMENT.HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? AND TREATMENT REQUIRES WHAT? IF YOU GIVE ME SOME BRIEF INFORMATION ABOUT THAT DISEASE, I'D BE GRATEFUL. There is no simple explanation for this, since many things can lead to 'not having a beard'. For instance, some men just don't have a beard or only a few hairs. Or there may indeed be a hormone problem. This may then be caused by genetic problems, brain problems, or testicle problems. A urologist is not the right specialist to go to, better try a specialist in internal medicine, who specializes further in endocrinology (i.e. hormone diseases).

Question: A sensitive bladder which I was told just does not empty all the urine out. What medicine can be taken? It depends on the amount of urine that is left behind and the loss of strength of the bladder muscle. If the 'sensitivity' means that you have to go often because the bladder does not empty, so is left 'half-full', i.e. it gets full again quickly, then an alpha-blocker can be used to let the bladder empty better. Or medication can be used to enhance bladder strength a bit. Or other medication to make the bladder less sensitive. So it all depends. Consult your urologist about it.

Question: hello, I'am 41yrs. old and just drove alot of miles in a pick up for 2days. I just woke up this morning and had a little pinching fealing in my right testi, I don't feal any lumps inside but I have what looks like a pimple undermy testical. It's like the normal bumps on your testi but harder and white like a pimple. It seems to have rubbed my pants while driving and was irritated. I't's about the size of a pin head and if I rub on it it seams to swell a little then when left alone it decreases back to orig. size. any ideas and yes I have made an appointment. Please give your opinion. regards kirk. It is probably an infection/irritation of a skin gland, probably caused by the constant rubbing of your pants against the skin. Usually, it will either disappear after some days, or get worse and open up like some pimples do, and then disappear. Patience.

Question: My dad is 74 years and has a bladder problem. He went to the doctor and he gave him several antibiotics in more than 4 months time.He went for a ivp but nothing of importance shows, just air in the bladder when its stir.He had much pain and live on painkillers.His blood were tested but nothing there was found His urine was also culturated The doctor gave him a very good antibiotic but nothing works. What shall I do to help him. He has no medical fund so he had to go to the goverment hospitals to see the urologist, which took so long to see one there. Please help! There is not supposed to be air in the bladder. If there is, then a fistula between bowel and bladder should be suspected and checked by cystoscopy and bowel x-rays. A fistula generally leads to chronic infections and should be surgically treated. Your father should be in the care of a urologist.

Question: So, you would not agree with Andrich and Mundy's review, Urethral strictures and their surgical treatment' (BJU Int) that strongly recommends urethroplasty (end-to-end anastomosis or substitution urethroplasty) for which they claim the lowest complication rate and lowest re-stricture rate? I would be interested in your comment on this. In the past fifteen years of practice, I have had only two patients (out of nearly 1200) that I had to send elsewehere for an urethroplasty (since I have not done such surgery for a long time now, I don't have the skills anymore). Although Mundy is a good urologist, I therefore do not agree insofar as doing urthroplasties in those cases. In many parts of the world, self-catheterization is not regularly done while often intermittent self-dilatation is 'sold' as such. The latter indeed has a much higher restricture rate.

Question: Hello, my boyfriend has had a urethral stricture (cause unknown) and phimosis diagnosed. He has flow problems and weaker erections. An optical urethrotomy is suggested, However, when i looked up information on this I find that the reoccurance rate of the stricture is very high (his surgeon has not mentioned this to him). Are there alternative procedures (as non invasive as possible) that can be considered? Is there any way he can find out why this has happened (he has had no infections or major accidents, but one fall 6 months prior to symptoms starting). It is so worrying. Treatment using urethrotomy is easy but does carry a high recurrence rate. If it does recur, then self-catheterization may be employed, which carries a near 100 percent successrate. All other options are much more difficult and may cause serious complications and are more invasive. The cause is always scar tissue, which is caused by either trauma or infection. Mostly, you cannot tell later which one.

Question: I am 18 and i have a small dick about 4 1/2 inches hard, how can I get it biger? There is no way to get a bigger penis, despite the things they try to sell you in tabloids and on the internet. But being 18, you are not yet fully grown, so it may get larger still. Be patient.

Question: What is a collaped bladder in a female. What are the symptoms and the causes. What are some treatments. My mother has a collaped bladder and the doctor suggested surgury. I'd appreciate any information you can give me about a collapsed bladder or any internet sites that would help. I do not know of anything in urology called a 'collaped bladder'. Maybe you are referring to a small bladder?

Question: My Question.I went to a Urology a week ago,for soreness in both testis,the DR give me med, one was sulfameth/trimethoprim800/160 an vioxx50mg.it doss not seam to be working.When i check my testical around they are still sore,the tube like the epididymis are very sore an hard, should this be.I feel moement like a knot.the right scrotum is small the size of a qurter,my left seem a little biger.Is this apart of geting older almost 50.Can something be done. These problems take much time ( up to several months) and long courses of antibiotics (1-2 months), since often the prostate is infected too. The prostate takes a long time to heal.

Question: had severe rectal injury that required extensive and invasive surgery and tacking of sacral arteries. a large hemotoma developed due to hemorraging that the ct scan said was displacing and compressing bladder. now having trouble voiding completely and have learned that bladder is greatly enlarged. could this be from the hemotoma? If not, what? thanks so much It is possible the result of the rectal injury and may have gotten worse due to the hemaotoma. Both may have caused damage to the nerves that are needed to 'drive' the bladder. This damage may be temporary or permanent. You'll need a real urologist to evaluate the problem further.

Question: when your masturbating and you start to cum, you can pinch the tip of you penis and stop it from coming out until you get someplace to release it. can this cause any problems?No, but it may be painful depending on the amount of semen. If it does, then that is a sign not to do it too often.

Question:I just read your essay on impotence. You mention the high cost of a prosthesis but you don't say exactly how high that cost really is. Please send me prices, I would be grateful. Prices vary considerably in time and in different countries. It usually can be considered in thousands of Euro's. That's only the cost of the prosthesis itself. You'll have to add many thousands more for the proces of putting it in etcetera.

Question:Please can you inform me of a list of urologist in London (UK). I would like to visit one Many thanks in advance Sorry, we don't keep such lists. But the Internet will provide you with an online phonebook of London. Try there.

Question: I feel this burning sensation whenever I urinate or ejaculate. I felt this ball like thing in my penis that has moved from the bottom and is now at the tip. I had a urine culture taken and i popped negative for std's. Also, they took my blood and i was found negative for HIV but my thyrozine count the doctor said is really low. The doctor now wants me to see a urology expert because he says that i have cut the lining of my urethra from holding in my ejaculation and urine. And he said that that is the cause of my discomfort. ie there is an open wound in my urethra and the urine is what is causing the burining sensation. However, I still don't understand why then i feel this lump. Does the thyrozine have anything to do with this? can you cut your urethra? do i possible have cancer? can i still haev children? please email me as soon as possible i am very concerned. I have no knowledge of thyrozine, so it probably has nothing to do with it. No, you cannot cut the urethra by masturbation. I cannot begin to comment on the possibility of a lump since I cannot examine you. I cannot answer you other questions for the same reason.

Question: This started around ten years ago when I noticed a dribble of urine beyone when I stopped urinating. Next, within the past year I have noticed trouble holding back urine when I had to go "badly" and now I get up at least once per night to pee. I am also pretty much impotent. I can get an erection but does not last or if it does it is mainly difficult to maintain. I have not had sex in four years and was able to perform after three tries and stay off pain medication (Tylenol 3's). I'm worried to say the least. I will see a urologist, but a response would be most helpful You really need to see a urologist and have it checked out. I cannot give you a diagnosis, because I cannot examine you. There are many possible causes. Good luck!

Question:i have recently gotten a slgiht curved dick. I know its not peyronies causei t aint painful and it doesnt curve much at all. In fact only when i am soft, not efect,just leans a bit when erect. what should i do to solve the problem, i think the spongy stuff on the inside has gotten softer, not sure though. what shoudl i do? If it is not curved when erect, then it is not Peyronie's. All oher bends usually heal on their own, but that may take some time, like months. Wait and be patient.

Question: I am a 15 year old male who has had many small bumps on the skin of my penis and testicles. It seems to be better on somedays and greasy and worse on other days there is no pain or anything abnormal in that way but I have had this problem for a year and have been hoping to grow out of it. thanks for your time If you have a problem with it, you should go to a real doctor.

Question: I am researching the subject of the urethral suspension or urethral "sling" procedure for men. I am gathering this information for my brother since he does not have a PC. I would most sincerely appreciate any information you might be able to supply on this subject. s far as I know, there is no such procedure for men, but there is for women. Maybe some sort of procedure is tried out at local centers, but none has been generally accepted.

Question: As long as I remember I always had like little pimples in my penis, Location: Usually at the rim of my top(head part)...I'm sick of them...I want to be able to get rid of them...How can I treat that situation? They are most probably socalled pearly penile papules. Some men are born with them, some are not. They are not uncommon and tend to get smaller after some years. It is no disease, and therefore there is no treatment besides waiting.

Question: I can see gelatin like lumps in my semen. it usually comes out last. what is it? is this serious? It may happen. It is not serious. You change from time to time, and so does your semen.

Question: There are white spots in my scrotum and at the base of my penis. what are they? what treatment should i take? I have no idea - I should have to see them to be able to tell. Find a doctor and show him.

Question: I am feeling a slight pain and discomfort in my right testicle. What could be the cause of it? Many different things. So you again better find a real doctor and have him examine you.

Question: Before intercourse with my girlfriend I seem to eject very watery semem. I have always ejected minute amonuts of semen but three seems to be a substantial amount now. I was tested for a prostate infection and the symtoms of a prostate infection are gone. What could it be? I take it that you are talking about the 'semen' that comes out before actual ejaculation. This is not semen at all, but may contain sperm cells. It is a fluid that is produced by special glands to 'lubricate' the urethra before ejaculation. Some men just produce more of it, while in others it won't even show.

Question: I've always had bouts with impotence, even in my teen years - but now to a severe degree. I am otherwise happily married, 34 yrs old, not overweight. I've discussed this several times with my family doctor who has given me the 'band-aid' of viagra, and just this past friday started me on 5 mg/day testosterone patches. I have noticed over the last couple of weeks the atrophy of my left testicle (a very noticable difference from my right), with some pain while running (my drug of choice. Is this possibly linked to my ongoing battle with impotence? Is this 'varicocele' as described in your article on the web? I've been told that endurace sports, such as running, lowers testosterone - but I've only been running for about 3 months. Should I ask to be referred to a urologist immediately? My T levels have ranged from 300 to 500. I'm not ready for this part of my life to be over, and I'm to the point of standing on the capitol lawn in the nude to get help if I can get it (maybe I'll be safe after Bill's gone (HAH!)) please tell me what you would do if you were in my shoes.... Let's start:

  • Low testosterone can be a cause of impotence, but it is very rare while many men have perfect potency despite very low levels of it.
  • Only when it is low, testosterone therapy can be started. Since measurement differs from one lab to the other, I cannot tell if the ones you mention are normal or not.
  • Hair growth on your skin is predominantly caused by genes, race if you want, not by testosterone
  • Varicocele is an enlargement of a vein and has nothing to do with this.
  • If testosterone is given while it is not necessary, then the testicles may shrink in size since they are not needed anymore, so it may even make things worse.
  • Only a very small piece of testicle is needed for normal testosterone.
Since most cases of potency problems are caused by other things (nerves, bloddvessel trouble), you need a urologist to find out. The only thing you family doctor can safely do is give you Viagra.

Question: My problem is that my scrotum keep on tighting up. Like in the moring it tighting up.but later in the day it's not tight anymore can you tell me it does that? And can you tell me where your lymph noids his? Ok bye The simple part: lymph nodes are anywhere in the body, especially where the limbs extent from it, but they can be found anywhere. The tightness can be caused by soemthing irritating the scrotum or it can be the result of a last 'nice' dream just before yuo wake up. Or it may be the cold in the morning. It may be bothersome, but it is not a serious problem. Most often it passes again after a few years.

Question: My 3 year old son has been diagnnosed with atresia and stenosis of the urethra. Surgury is recommended. Can you tell what this is exactly - and what caused it. I would also like to know what the surgury entail and how necessary it is. Most probably the condition is inborn, but I cannot be sure since I haven't examined him. If there is a stenosis now, i.e. a narrowing, it will not grow as he does, so it will get worse with time. Therefore, it needs treatment, probably more than once to make sure than the urethra remains wide enough when he grows older. The type of surgery involved depends very much on the location, type and extent of the narrowing, so I cannot comment on that.

Question: What sort of care do I needto be taking after having my postate removed my psa was 7.5% so I only had a low rate of cancer I would like to not have a repate i am only 56 years old is my diat important in the control of cancer? That also depends on the size of the prostate and whether it is also obstructing the bladder outlet. And ofcourse on your health. Usually it takes a week or so in hospital and an initial recovery time of about a month. After that you be pretty normal again, but it may take several months before everything is really back to normal. It may take sveral weeks to become completely 'dry' again and potency may take much longer. Once cured you won't have to do anything special, no diet or anything. Just live in a healthy way and eat healthy food.

Question: For the past three years, I have experienced itchy hands and the bottom of my feet and in my private parts. I will wake up in the middle of the night, itching, my tongue will feel enlarged and sometimes I will break out in welps. I have been to the doctor and my regular doctor says there is notice of blood in my urine but he has never sent me to a specialist. I know what I am experiencing is not normal - I can take a benadryl and the itchy and rash goes away. Could I have a reaction due to something in my kidneys? I don't know. There are so many possible causes for itching, including many allergies, liver problems, diabetes, kidney problems, skin diseases, etcetera etcetera. If there is blood in the urine, it should be investigated by a urologist. The itching should probably best looked into by a specialist in internal medicine.

Question: I felt very worry because my penis is only 1.5'' and after erection is about 4.5''. I'm 27 years old now. I afriad I can get any girl because of my small penis. I also following problems: 1. Frequent urine at day & night, 2. Spraying while urinating, 3. Difficult peeing. You seem to have some urological problems which need the attention of a urologist. So you better find one and have it treated. I cannot help you through the internet. And don't worry about the penile length: I've seen some much smaller belonging to married men with many children.

Question: I am a 33 year old male. When I was about 16 years old, I caught the mumps. One of my testicles became enlarged. It then became very small, almost inexistent. Could this cause sterility, or have anything to do with hair loss? As long as the other testicle is okay, there is nothing to worry about. Hair loss on the head is a result of the male sex hormones - since the remaining normal testicle produces enough testosterone, this may still cause socalled 'male baldness'.

Question: the question I am requesting you to answer is this: Do you know of any medications, whether topical, injectible, or oral, that can or will destroy the nerves in the penis, permantly numbing the penis. Even if there's something non-medicinal that can do this I would be interested in knowing. Not that I know of. And neither could I think of any reason why someone would need it. It could be a side effect of a complete detachment of the penis, due to an accident, and re-attachment by surgery. But such surgery, if done deliberately, carries a very high risk of permanent loss of the penis as a whole.

Question: I just recently masturbated and I found a discoloration in my semen that looked like blood. I'm worried, what could it be and what should I do? If it is red, it will most probably be blood. If so, it may be caused by irritation, infection or cancer. If you are under the age of 45, it will be either infection or irritation. If it does not go away or repeats itself, then consult a urologist.

Question: I am a 49 yr.old male,considering 'testicular enhancement' (insertion of soft silicone prostheis into the scrotum, 'alongside' my testicles to enhance the appearence of the scrotum) Psychologically I should have done this years ago, I do not wish to be the 'largest' guy on the block, only lg. enough to avoid ridicule laughter and made to feel (real or imagined) less than a man. People even'friends' can be VERY cruel & thoughtless in this regard. I will go to any length to avoid the possibility of being seen nude or in underclothes with another male, because of this (small testicles) I will & have even avoided developing friendships with other males because of the possibility of showering or changing clothes in the same room & the potential for such extreme embarassment & mental anguish. With this said, what (besides risks common to any surgery) are the 'down-sides' to having this procedure. It would be performed by a board certified urologist? I need to know the real! risks vs. benefit ratio. Thank you in advance for a compassionate honest response. I did not even know it existed, and still doubt the existence of such a procedure. As far as I can tell, the problem seems to be psychological, not physical. I have seen many men with small, or even non-existent testicles. They have no problems with that. Since many problems may arise from such surgery (infection, pain, discomfort, psychological problems), I would rather find 'normal' friends and/or have psychotherapy, than risk surgery.

Question: I'm looking for further info re: long term outcomes- studies done on pediatric pts with complete bilateral duplication of the kidneys with grade 5 vesicoureteral reflux into the lower poles. newborn son dx with this in aug of 99. has vesicostomy for now. looking at repair in aug 00. looking for pros and cons of retunneling ureters thru bladder and placing bad ureter into good ureter. lower poles very low functioning about 10% or less on nuc scan. I would like to know complications of either of the above surgeries. there doesn't seem to be much info on what has happened to these kids 10 to 15 years down the line--what have they encountered??? he also seems to be way down on the growth charts for his age are kids with this tiny? He is also experiencing developmental delays along with everything. Is there something we are missing in the big picture. I'm an RN in a NICU? Maybe I'm paranoid. I know just enough but not enough. Kidneys, ureters, bladder aren't my NICU's expertise and not my strong point. Do you have info that could help us in our decisions for our son's future? As far as I know, there are only grades 1-4, but I take it your son has the worst grade. The eventual outcome depends very much on the present condition (after some time of drainage through vesicostomy) of both lower poles (that are often the biggest poles of the kidneys). The percentage does not tell me much: 10% of the normal value of one lower pole?, 10% of all function?, What? If the remaining function is adequate, then chances are that everything will be fine. Also, the lower poles are most often the best parts of the kidneys and the upper poles are the refluxing ones. To make it even more difficult, the upper poles usually drain into the bladder lower than the lower poles. So some questions need answering before I can tell anything about this. And what's a NICU? Something like an ICU?

Question: information about urinary tract infections in men Like what? I mean, we are here for specific questions, not to answer on general ones for which whole books are written.

Question: I feel a pain in my penis recently and this pain becomes aggravated when I pass out urine. Is this pain in any way related to me having a torn ligament in my ankle at the moment? Also,a few years ago, I had a growth of bladder stones which then disappeared by themselves. Or could this pain which I'm experiencing now be due to a recurrence of bladder stones or some infection? It will have nothing to do with the ankle problems, but may be caused by bladder/prostate/urethra problems, like infections, stones or other irritations.

Question: i have an uretry problem since june last year. i have seen a great deal of urologues, one gave me elmiron but still i am in pain. can you refer waht kind of medication i should i take to decrease the pain. I am afraid I cannot tell from a distance what your problem is. One of the reasons is that that you have not told me anything besides having a pain problem (where, since when, what other symptoms, etcetera).

Question: I am 26, white male, married. I have had a high concentration of blood in my urine. It first occured 5 months ago and sicne then only about 6 times. It turns my urine dark browninsh/red. I have suffered from cold sweats at night, lower back pain, no weight gain, minimal sleep,loss of energy, lypmnods in neck(3) swollen,.....most symptons come and go. I quit smoking 2 years ago, no caffiene or chocalate for a year, and quit chewing tobacco 5 months ago. Nothing has changed. Please help. I am plagued with general doctors who are tring their best but with no results. Among many other things, too much blood in the urine (some is okay) can be caused by infection, stones or cancer. You are much too young for cancer, so infections or stones are most probable. To find out, you are going to need a urologist, who will order X-rays and a cystoscopy and will probably do urine tests and ultrasound. I cannot tell what's wrong from a distance.

Question: i have had my urine tested by strip and found blood in it they did a urine test which had to be done straight away to see if the cells where morfic or dismorfic my where morfic and i was told that in some heathy males that the kidneys may have thin membranes and that red blood cell seep through these mebranes can you shed some light on this test which is done through a micro scope thank you In some people, males and females, the kidneys are just a bit more porous than in others. Normally, the kidneys bleed a lttle bit, but in those people they bleed a bit more, although the amount of blood loss should be hundred fold to cause anemia. Since the kidneys are made up of very tiny tubes, the red blood cells get compressed and damaged - these are called dismorphic. In your case the blood cells were normally looking, i.e. they are not from the kidneys, but from somewhere else. That means that further tests are necessary to determine if something is wrong.

Question: Can badder catheterization during and after surgery cause nerve damage around the bladder if not properly inserted? Can bladder catheterization after surgery cause nerve damage around the bladder the patient was not properly cared for. I have had bladder retention since a total abdominal hysterectomy in March 1999. Special testing proved positive nerve damage around my bladder area. I have resorted to self-catheterications daily. Catherization cannot cause nerve damage to the bladder, but large surgery nearby, like a hysterectomy, can. Sometimes, nerves of the bladder are already a bit low in number to begin with and slight damage by some type of surgery may be anough to bring the number below minimum level and thus cause bladder problems.

Question: I am in good health and have not changed my eating habits or drinking habits too much that I am aware of, but lately my stomach aches and I have terrible gas problems. I have tried over the counter drugs such as gas-x but nothing seems to help. This has become very embrassing lately even during intercourse. Any help? Any foods or drinks to avoid? As a urologist I know nothing about these problems - but your family doctor might.

Question: I am wondering if you can give me more information on some results of a recent urine sample. It was found that I had blood and protien in my sample. I am a 35 year old mother with hypothyoid disease. I have been trying to get pregnant for 14 months now. I have a schedualed ultra sound appt. on the 31st of Jan. Could you please give me any information on this. Blood can be caused by m,any things like infections or stones, or even cancer - but you are too young for that one. The protein is often a result of the blood cells, which also contain protein, which enters the urine when the fall apart. In any case, it needs to be checked by a urologist, especially when no signs of infections are found.

Question: I was wondering what is the average salary of a urologist I need to know for a report I am doing? Worldwide or nationwide? And, ofcourse, which nation?

Question: I am a 23 health active male who has been experiencing urine leakage recently.(Particularly when i sleep). The following are the only changes that have occured to my normal everyday routine: I was taking alot of the drug Tavist - D for a sinus cold. In addition I have started supplementing my diet with creatine monohydrate and glutamine to help my workouts. Could any of these be the cause of my problems? Probably not, although dietary supplements are a waste of money and may cause problems because control on the content of the pills is minimal, so they may contain other materials beside the stuff that's on the label. If the leaking persists after you've stopped taking them (which I would advise, since, despite what other people want you to think, any beneficiary effects have not been proven - besides financial ones for the manufacturers), I would surely consult your doctor.

Question: I HAD A URINE TEST AND THE DIAGNOSIS IS SQUAMOUS EPITHELIAL CELLS, BACTERIA AND CRYSTALS AND IT SAID NO UROTHELIAL CELLS IDENTIFIED. NO MALIGNANT CELLS IDENTIFIED WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. It means that everything is probably fine as far as the urine is concerned. But urine analysis is only one way to look at a problem and other types of analysis may be needed to answer a specific question.

Question: My 4 year old son was born with fistula -bladder to intestines-, abnormal urethra and undescended testes. Procedures performed; vesicotomy,colostomy at 2 months old, at one year old are repair of fistula, repair of urethra, lowering of testes and about 5-6 more procedures. To supposedly complete repair, but he continuosly suffered UTI. Doctors found kidney stone and so another procedure was performed, PCNL - performed last February 1999.June until September , UTI is persistent. I read through your Journal the repercussions of persistent UTI. What could be causing my childs persistent UTI? Having gone through several procedures were supposedly corrections to repair his problem. His doctors mentioned his case -congenital problem altogether- is the first in xxxxxx, I hope there has been similar cases you've handled we can relate to. My child also suffers constipation. He is also under the care of a pediatric gastro-enterologist. Kindly enlighten this concerned parent. Thank you for your time and hoping for your reply. Again thank you.
This is a complex problem and impossible for me to solve from out here. Your son has many urological problems and many possible sources for infections. It is impossible for me to pinpoint them without being able to review all data and view the patient. In some cases I know, the real problem that causes the infections may be disguised by all the other ones. In those cases it proved best to prescribe a longterm low-dose antibiotic to help prevent infections and sort the problem out a couple of years later when all other problems have become minimal and the cause of infections has either disappeared or reveals itself.

This is a psychological problem often encountered in young men. It either gets cured by itself or sexual therapy is needed.

Question: recently i had a mag3 renal scan done in relation to kidney problems, i was diagnosed as having puj obstuction in my left kidney, my doctor says to leave it for now, i am concerned at leaving the problem untreated. Can you help with any more info. Thank you.
A PUJ obstruction means that the connection between the pelvis of the kidney and the ureter is narrow. This is most often inborn and sometimes leads to kidney failure at an early age. If it does not, then chances are that, while the connection is a bit narrow, the kidney will survive without any problems. If it was too narrow, then it would already habe been too late. There is a grey area here, in which we urologists may try to reconnect pelvis and ureter; this may be the case in relative young people (say, upto 30) when it appears that the kidney may be damaged in the long run. To find that out, the scan you just had is an excellent way. On the other hand, when the kidney has already been damaged a lot, there is no sense in trying to reconnect it. This will also show on the scan.
Ask your urologist.

Question: 1. If a female has blood in her urine, what causes other than infection or cancer could it be? Note: The female in question has no other symptoms than blood in her urine. The female in question is also taking the drugs: A. Lithium B. Ativan C. Aventyl D. Celebrex
Urinary tract stones. Near-infections. Or it may be normal in her case (depending on the amount of blood found, some people just lose a bit more blood in the urine than others - all lose some).

Question: I am an 18 year old uncircumsized male, and i have never really received instruction, from a doctor or otherwise, as to the proper care and treatment of my penis. What I do, is to retract the foreskin and thoroughly clean the head about once a week. However, i am unable to retract the foreskin when my penis is erect, and have recently been informed that this might be a problem. If so, how can it be cured?
If the foreskin gets stuck and won't go back, it usually still does every now and then. Because this may cause slight damages to the foreskin, in turn leading to small scars, this may lead to further narrowing and possibly infections. In those cases, a circumcision can be done to prevent further trouble.

Question: i have a bend in my penis to the left. i am now 19 and it has been this way as long as i can remember..the left side seems to be smaller and less rigid at the base then the right side when errect....i have heard there are exercises you can do to help straighten the penis...is this true..either way what is the reason for this and my options..thanks!
No, it is not true. Some men are born with a straight penis, but most are not. Both erectile bodies in the penis must be of the exact same length to make it straight, and most often they are not. In some, the curve is so severe that it needs straightening. This can only be done by surgery.

Question: I am a 30 year American male. I was diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis recently and given large doses of Floxin to bombard the 'bacteria'. My question is about an apparent side effect of impotency. I have been experiencing difficulty in getting an erection. Before starting my second round of this drug (about three weeks ago) I had no problems, but recently it has been very difficult. I believe contributing factors could be stress and nervousness, but I feel that the floxin is a major cause.
You are wrong. It is the infection and the fact that something 'down there' is wrong that is causing this - it is mainly psychological. It will return to normal once the problems are cured.

Question: Have been dx.with enlarged prostate that is asystemical. Doctor wants to do transrectal ultrasound with possible biopsy. What do you think, Do not want to have any unneccessary procedures.The prostate should be about symmetrical. If it is not and you are above 45, then there is a chance of prostate cancer and an ultrasound of the prostate with biopsies taken necessary to (un)prove that. Remember that prostate cancer can usually be cured, but only if diagnosed early.

Question: I am a 29 year old male, for about 2 years I have suffered right flank pain with abdominal pain after sleeping 4 to 6 hours. I have just seen a gastrologist he did a colonoscopy, an abdonminal CT, and a small bowel follow thru.Nothing was found. I should add around 6 months ago I had a kidney stone removed by scope after several sever attacks. But since then I have had a clear IVP. But I'm still suffering. The gastrologist suggest I go back to my urologist because there was crystals and I had a high PH levels in my urine. He said that kidneys could cause abdonminal pain. My question is could I have a normal abdomnianal CT and IVP and still have somithing going on in my kidneys? And does this sound like anything serious to you?If IVU and CT are both normal, you can rest assured that the kidneys are probably okay. The only problem is that those investigations don't tell you much about the rate of excretion of the urine from the kidneys. For that, you'd need a renography. If that is normal too, then the kidneys are really okay.

Question: I am 35 years old and maintain a very active sex life with my wife.We have noticed quite a decrease in the volume of semen that I ejaculate. The strength of the ejaculation is also less. It used to shoot out and now flows out with much less of an impact. Are these changes common? Also, I have noticed somewhat of a numbness with my penis. It is not nearly as sensitive to touch as it used to be. Is this also common?Although semen production and the force with which it is expelled diminished with age, you are still too young for this. So you better find a real doctor and have it sorted out.

Question: During sexual relations it takes generally around 45 minutes to have an ejaculation. I was wondering if there was any physiological problem that I may have that is causing this delay. Thank you for your kind consideration.Most men have an ejaculation too soon, so I guess those consider you lucky. It has all to do with libido and degree of arousal. Generally, younger men have a shorter time span to get to ejaculation, but the time lapse may vary considerably.

Question: A little more then a year ago I had a scope through my belly button done to check the female organs. After that surgery I did not urniate for a week and my doctor didn't help me figure out what was wrong. I ended up in the hospital for three days with a very large bladder. He had waited to long and it was all out of shape. I had no feeling to go so I had to learn to cath myself for 3 months before I could get that feeling back. Ever since then I have alot of problems. I never had any problems before not even a bladder infection. Now when I have to go I have to go right now and I have pain after the urine is about done coming out. It's almost like my bladder doesn't want to be full or empty. I found out I have fibroids on top of my uterus and possible endometriosis. I am really not sure where to start for medical attention a urolgist or a gynecologists. Do you think with these symptons it is my bladder or the female problems are causing the problem. I would! appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you.Unless the gynecological problem are very big, like a big pregnant uterus, it has no effect on the bladder. So if you do have a bladder problem or problems with urinating, then the urologist is the first to consult, especially since you had a bladder problem before.

Question: In January, at the age of 58, I had a hystorectomy and a Burch Procedure. I'm not for sure of the spelling or Burch, but that is how it is pronounced. I have had many problems. Buring at the opening of the urethra, incomplete voiding (unless I squatlean forward, wait a minute, and void again, frequent infections, my bladder aches, and hip pain. Which of these symptoms might be the result of surgery? What is medically done during a Burch Procedure? I have seen a urologist several times, a urodynamic study was completed, as well as X-ray's taken when my bladder was filled with radio-active solution. When my urologist had collected all of the results, he said, 'There is nothing I can do, you will have to live with it.' I don't think I can learn to live with it, especially the pain at the urithea where it opens at the paraneum. I'm looking for answere, even it means traveling to see a top specialest in the field.In a Burch, the urethra is pulled up towards the pubic bone. One of the problems may be that it is pulled up too far and the urethra may get kinked, thus causing irritation during voiding. The only solution to this is to undo the surgery and perhaps do another later on. If you are living in the US, then you may contact dr Raz, who resides in one of the university hospitals in San Francisco.

Ofcourse, without a chance to examine you myself, or the information of a cystoscopy, it is very difficult for me to give you a diagnosis. What you seem to have is at least an irritation of the urethra, and possibly an infection. This may be due to narrowing of the urethra or a stone in the bladder. If narrowing is the problem, maybe selfcatherization is a good option. Like that, you can keep the urethra in a good condition yourself without need for a doctor. These problems tend to persist, so it will probably always be a 'weak spot'. Talk it over with the urologist after the cystoscopy. It is an option that often helps in my patients in those cases.

Question: I am a 26 years old and living in Japan and dont feel very comfortable with seeking medical advice in this country due to linguistical difficulties. The fact is that, for the last 4-5 months I have had aching testicles, and recently also in the lower abdominal are. The pain is relatively mild, but it worries me. I once led perhaps a rather permiscuous sex life but not in the last 1-2 years (so maybe its aftermath?) Also I have very tiny little bumps on the root of the head of the penis, but they never bother me. Thank you for this very comforting homepage,Some of these symptoms, the pain in the testicles area, are related to prostate infections or scar tissue due to a previous infection. A urologist may be able to do an ultrasound of the area and show if I am right.

Question: What causes blod in urine of a male? My father has a enlarged prostate, is going for cysto and ultrasound. He has a catheter in now. PSA did not indicate anything. When the catheter was installed the last time there may have been lining damage. There seems to be an increase in the amount of blood. I looked through yours and other info but did not find anything on bleeding.Blood in the urine may be caused by many things, the most important of those being infections, stones or cancer. Especially bladder cancer has to be checked out by cystoscopy. But an enlarged prostate, especially those that fully block the bladder outlet,as probably in this case, may cause blood in the urine, because these prostates are often infected too. You better await the test results for now.

Question: My husband has been having episodes of very foamy urine. Should I be alarmed? Should he get to a doctor?Foamy urine may be normal in case of a very concentrated, usually dark, urine. But it may also be a sign of protein loss throught the urine, which is bad. If he would just have his urine analysed, then you'd know.

Question: I have consulted my GP and have had an ultrasound scan. I find that on passing a motion and particularly when straining,some prostate fluid leaks from the tip of my penis. My doctor seemed to think it is OK. I should appreciate your view.
It is okay. Sometimes the prostate just leaks a little. But it may also be some lubricating fluid from glands inside the urethra. Which is also okay.
Does frequent ejacualtion keep the prostate empty and help urine flow?
Prostate fluid is produced day and night, while there is always a reservoir left, so it is never empty. It being more or less filled will have no impact on urine flow.
Does prostate massage help to shrink an enlarged prostate?
No. Massage was frequently done in the old days, but probably has no impact on anything whatsoever.

Question: I have had my urthera reconstructed because of a large divertivulum.the diverticulum was closed off by folding the skin and a hammock made with tough skin to support it.I had a super pubic cath for about 3 months and now self cath when I don;t empty.I was getting lots of infections and now I am still getting infections and have been on almost every antibotic.I feel lots of pressure in that area and have to urinate frequently. I have been on the two newest spasm drugs.Often I will just urinate 50 cc and then three or four times in one hour do the same.Most of the antibotics won't work anymore.I have been hospitalized and given atinotics by IV and then 15 days later I will have an infection again. I don't resue the cath.Recently I have had another cysto and I am told that the bladder looks normal and that the opertion has started to dilate a bit. Please help!
I deduced that you bladder may also have been a bit small and recently has started to grow bigger again - so possible the 'small bladder problem' will resolve itself. Apart from that, the bladder also seems to have problems in emptying itself - which probably remains problematic in the future. So you will have to empty the bladder by catheter in the future. But it is impossible for me to go into the problems much further, since I just don't know as much as your doctor does. Sorry.

Question: Dear esteemed panel, Just this morning, at around 8 am, I was using a penis pump after performing cardio excercise ( 35 minutes on a stationary bike ). The pump was perhaps kept on too long, amount of time not noted, for when i removed it, the area just under the head of the penis was not retracting to it's normal size. it stayed loose and puffy. Now, noon, same day, one side of the penis, under the head is greatly swollen and puffy, like an allergy or trauma reaction. Is it possible I pulled or broke some tissue? No pain during urination, and I have been far too worried to get an erection since the incident. Your opinions are being heavily anticipated, please please tell me what to do, thank you.
It happens sometimes, usually when you did leave the cilinder on too long, because body fluids are the deposited just under the skin. It should go away in a couple of days.

Question: hi, i'm a 30 yr male with a strong sex drive. however, i always noticed. whenever i ejaculate my semien has a weak flow. is there any over the counter drug or solution to the increase (volume) my semien flow?No. Then, why should you bother? As long as fertility is okay, there is nothing to worry about.

Question: My doctor wants to send me to a urologist because he said I may have something called prosglanden. I'm not sure I'm spelling it correctly. Have you ever heard of anything such as this and if so, what is it? I am a 48 year old female. Thanks for your time!I have no idea. I cannot figure out what it may mean. You better ask him to write it down for you.

Question: I am 28 years old. Sometime the forskin gets real tight and painful when it's pulled back. How much would it cost to get a circumcision. Would the circumcision procedure "negetively" affect the blood flow in the penis. What is the timetable like pre-operational, during the operation and post opertional (recovery period). Hey let keep this hush hush. I feel realy weird talking about this:)I have no idea about cost, since I don't know where you live, and cost may differ widely across the globe. It has no effect on blood flow. Often, the surgery is done under lokal anesthesia and is over in 20 minutes. It leaves a sore spot for a couple fo days and it will take the stitches to fall out about two weeks. You have to get used to it being 'naked' and that takes about 3 weeks.

Question: I am 44 years of age, having suffered testicular cancer 20years ago both testi's were removed. My sex function continued satisfactorily with the injection of testoserone on a 3weekly basis. Two years ago I had an accident which caused a sharp impact upon the central portion of my penis. The accident resulted in a small hard lump positioned centrally, midway along the shaft of my penis. Since that time I have be able to continue intercourse though have some difficulty sustaining my erection.You probably have a scar at the penis due to the impact. It should have no effect on potency, so that must have another cause, although it may also have to do with the testosterone level. You better have that checked first. If that is normal, then psychological causes must also be taken into account.

Question: I have seen four different doctors for pain in my right testicle. Its has been called epitimitus by all four doctors. I have taken antibotics three times and the pain continues. The last doctor suggested nerve blocking as a possible solution, however he did say that it was not always succesful. Taking anti inflamatory drugs has also been suggested, but I do not due well with them, they are very hard on my stomach. Can you provide me with some suggested treatments that I might discuss with the doctors. Thanks
Usually, those problems start off with an infection, an epididymitis, which may leave scars afterwards. These in turn may cause pain when they push against a nerve. Sometimes this will go away, but sometimes it does not. In those cases, only a nerve block, which is often done through surgery, may be the only solution.

Question: Just what is a transrectalultrasound biopsy? What is involved how long does it take? Any pain - What are the after affects. I dont no of any one that has had one . Thanks....Well, you start off doing transrectal ultrasound, in which you can see, by way of ultrasound, the prostate by inserting a small finger-like probe into the rectum. If needed, because cancer is supected, they can also take pieces of tissue from the prostate by way of a smalle needle - often under ultrasound guidance so they know whrere to put the needle in. After effects are minimal, like some blood in the urine or feces for a couple of days, or in semen for a couple of weeks. It may results in prostate infection, but that is very very rare.

Question: I have seen four different doctors for pain in my right testicle. Its has been called epitimitus by all four doctors. I have taken antibotics three times and the pain continues. The last doctor suggested nerve blocking as a possible solution, however he did say that it was not always succesful. Taking anti inflamatory drugs has also been suggested, but I do not due well with them, they are very hard on my stomach. Can you provide me with some suggested treatments that I might discuss with the doctors. ThanksUsually, those problems start off with an infection, an epididymitis, which may leave scars afterwards. These in turn may cause pain when they push against a nerve. Sometimes this will go away, but sometimes it does not. In those cases, only a nerve block, which is often done through surgery, may be the only solution.

Question: how is a neurogenic bladder treated???Neurogenic bladder is a general description of a number of neurological disorders involving the bladder. Treatment can therefore differ considerably, depending on the neurological disorder involved.

Question: I am 23 and I have had overlaping bladder infections for about 7 months. Right before and during this time I suffered from anorexia and depression. I have seen my regular doctor and a urologist about this and nothing seems to help. I am a vegatarian and I was told this could benefit me but so far nothing works. I usually have 2 weeks to a month before the attacks reoccur after antibiotics. Sex does seem to irritate no matter if I uriniate before and after or not. I am at the end of my rope and I just want my body to feel totally normal again. Please give me some advice. Could it be something the doctors missed in the tests? I just don't know what to do. Nothing seems to help, not even when I put on weight and increased the liquids (including cranberry juice) and protien in my diet. I can't be active anymore like I used to and I am hoping you can shed some light on this for me. Thank You.
Without an examination there is not much I can do for you through the internet. There are many possible causes for recurring urinary tract infections. In females, a new sexual partner or hormone trouble can be a factor, apart from urinary stones, narrowing of the bladder outlet and anatomical malformations. In your case, possible hormonal problems come to mind, since, being vegetarian, this may sometimes lead to hormonal imbalances because not all essential proteins are contained in a vegetarian diet; since not all people are built the same and some require more of certain nutrients than others, this may lead to hormonal imbalance from time to time.

Question: how is a neurogenic bladder treated??? Plus my doctor has told me that i have kinks in my tubes leading from my kidneys to my bladder.can this cause me problems????Neurogenic bladder is a general description of a number of neurological disorders involving the bladder. Treatment can therefore differ considerably, depending on the neurological disorder involved.Kinking of the tubes is a normal feature, because the tubes must have some slack to allow the kidneys to move up and down. These tubes also move around constantly, so a kink will never appear at the same level all the time. If not kinking, but narrowing is the problem, then that could cause damage to the kidneys.

Question: what treatment can i find about epididimis accuta and more information
Try the UROLOGY PAGE at www.urolog.nl, the patient's section under the testicle heading.

Question: I am a female....age 59.....recently I have noticed when i uninate, the urine often times has an odor similar to diesel. That is the best way to explain it. I do not have incontenance problems or bladder problems that I am aware of. Urinating is not restricted or uncomfortable. Is an unusual odor something with which I should be concerned? I appreciate your thoughts.If the urine smells unfamiliar or bad, then it may be caused by infection, which may go without further symptoms, hormonal imbalance, or more serious diseases like diabetes. Or simple causes like a highly concentrated urine due to not enough drinking.In any case, it is best to have the urine checked by your doctor.

Question: I KEEP GETTING SEBACEOUS SYSTS ON MY SCROTAL SAC I HAD THEM REMOVED A YEAR AGO AND THEY GERW BACK. WHAT CAN I DO TO RID MYSELF OF THESE? they go from itching to hardening and hurtingYou have got many sebaceous glans there. Some men have a tendency to get sebaceous cysts in that area. So it may very well be that some other glands are now causing trouble. As prevention, keeping it very clean is the only option. Once there, the cysts can only be cured surgically.

Question: Our 4 yr. old daughter constantly feels the need to urinate, sometimes 4-5 times an hour but with little release. Urine samples come up clean for bacteria. Is this something to be concerned about or will she outgrow this ? In many children of that age, urination is still not fully developed, which may mean some occasional 'hiccups'. It may either be just that or some urological development problem. If the problem does persist, it is wise to have a pediatric urologist have a look.

Question: My father went in for a physical. Not only with high blood pressure and high cholestrol they found traces of blood in his urine. He was told to get an 'IBP' done. What is an 'IBP'? How much do they range in cost? He doesn't have health insurance. He is 49 years old. Thank you.It must be an IVP (or IVU), which is an X-ray with the use of contrast agents, so the kidneys can be mad visible to see if a kidney problem is causing the blood in the urine. I have no idea what they may cost, since I don't know in which country you live. But you may just call the administrative department of the hospital and get an exact figure.

Question: 4 year old male urinates every 2 to 5 minutes when he at school. He has been checked by a doctor for diabetes and he was clear for that. There is no blood in his urine and he is not in pain. What else could this be?Many things. It could be the bladder being irritated by something, like infection or stones. Or there could be a bladder outlet problem. Or it could be psychological. Anyway, he should be checked by a paediatric urologist.

Question: I am 18 years old, my penis during erection doesn't get hard in the middle of my penis, then after touching the penis or stroking it the penis will became hard through out. Also after masterbation about 10 minutes later my penis will shrunk up and the skin will become bunched up in the middle of my penis. Could this be from a hernia or something?
To answer this question, I would have to be able to examine the penis, which I cannot. So I am afraid I cannot help you here - you better find a real doctor to examine you.

Question: I have a few questions:1) What is the average capacity of the human bladder?400-500 cc2) How much urin is produced each day by the average human.1500-2500 cc3) Is there anyway to expand bladder capacity?only surgicallly4) Is there any harm in holding urin in for long periods of time?it may cause the volume of the bladder to rise beyond the normal capacity, thus decreasing its strenght, which may cause problems later in life when a strong bladder is needed to overcome strictures or an obstructing prostate.

Question: My question is as follows: Why is it that my penis glan becomes irritated with small red rashes like dermatitis after sexual entercouse. The only way I can releave this condition is to use Cortaid 1/2% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch cream. What is the proper treatment for this condition?It is probably casued by a yeast infection of the vagina op your partner, which may go undetected by her. It usually won't hold on the glans for long since it is too dry there. But probably it may be an idea to have your partner treated for the infection to prevent infections of the penis over and over again.

Question: Respected Urology Panel, I am 20years old.Last year on 22 Oct.97 I met with an road accident in witch a bus almost ran over me resulting in FRACTURE PELVIS and REPTURE BALBLAR URETHRA.For witch I was addmitted in a hospital and SUPRA PUBIC CATHETAR was given after an opreation on the same day.I have undergone URETHROPLASTY on 17 Nov,97 and URETHROTOMY on 11 Dec97 and 24Jan,98.Right now I am doing SELF CATETERRIZATION once in 20 days otherwise I have problem in passing urine.I am also suffering from ERECTILE DYSFUCTION.For E.D.my doctor gave me a short of Ing. PAPAVERINE,after witch I did have erection for 30 min.Kidly tell me what tretment shoud be followed? What medication/medicine shoud I take for E.D? I do get erection these days but I find that my PENIS SIZE has reduced to about half the size prior to the accident.What shoud be done to get back my ORIGNAL PENILE LEANTH? Will I be ever be able to marry and lead a normal sexual life. Kindy HELP ME LEAD A HEALTHY and FULLFILLING LIFE. I shall be highly THANKFULL to you.I am afraid that I cannot tell you much since I have no way of knowing the extend of the damage done by the accident. The ED is often a result of neural damage in these cases, in which you can only hope that it recovers on its own, because the damage can not be undone. Since you do have erections now, it seems promising - it may take upto 18 months to get fully functional again in that respect. As for penile size, that also depends on the original damage. Getting a bigger penis may be a very valid wish, but considering what happened, I think you may be quite lucky that you have erections at all. Maybe Viagra may be of help to get better recovery, while the injection may also speed things up. Recent research suggests that 'if you don't use it, you lose it', meaning that 'erection practice' may help recovery.

Question: I have been having discomfort about 2-3 inches to the left of my belly button. I have to urinate at minimum every 3 hours. Does this sound like a prostate problem? I have had prostatitis in the past, but not this severe. I am 38 years oldNo, it does not sound like one. The prostate may cause pain in the far low abdomen, and centrally. Your pain it too high up and too much to the left.

Question: What are the symptoms of torsion of the testes? what kind of test is required?It is extremely painful, so it is impossible to miss it. When you are thinking that you might have a torsion, and can find the strenght to write this email, then you cannot have a torsion of the testicle.

Question: my husband is 33yrs old, and in good physical health. for the past 4 months he has been passing blood clots while urinating, after and only after having relations. he's had an exam w/ a urologist along with an ivp. nothing shows up on results of test. he is not in discomfort, and shows no signs of anyother problems. I get cronic uti, which i moniter closely and keep under control. could i be a factor?There are four main reasons for blood in the urine: trauma (like an accident), infection, stones, tumor. An INP and cystoscopy will usually show all but the infection, which in males is often located in the prostate. This may show on transrectal ultrasound. A prostate infection is most likely in his case, since the IVP would have shown stones and tumor is unlikely at this age. If there is no trauma, that leaves infection, more so because he has this problem after intercourse, when is prostate was stressed.

Question: Hi my question is : When i have sex with my wife and i climax the fliud kinda ozzes out instead of a strong ejaculation. I have a narrow urethrea is this the cause and how do i get normalagain?2 The amount of fliud is not much at all what are the normal amounts and is there anything i can take to increase the amount of ejaculation?
3 Could this problem be why my wife can not get preg. We were both checked ten years ago but nothing! Please reply It could be a narrow urethra, in which case you should also have problems urinating. Or it could originate in the prostate, which os responsible for about 90 percent of semen production. If the prostate for some reason is not producing enough semen fluid, then it could cause this problem and could also have an effect on fertility. Have it checked.

Question: my question is...is it normal for the penis to be slightly slanted to the left...its not always so but the fact that it is worries me...and im just wondering if its like a defect or something i should get checked out or surgically fixed....i had surgury as a child...my testicles became swelled..due to a kick to the area wich cause them to twist or something i was young..and my left testicle is lower than the right...is that normal? or could it be a result do to the surgury? (in wich they were only reseperated...)and should i get that checked as well...I hardly ever see a straight erect penis - and I have seen a few. Only if the curve becomes so pronounced to hinder intercourse, then therapy is indicated. Usually, one testicle is lower that the other - it is often the left one, due to the longer bloodvessels at that side. Apart from that, the left side of your body is not the same as the right (try cutting a photograph of your face in half and putting it next to a mirror, so you see a whole face again - see if you still recognize yourself).

Question: What are the usual procedures for adult circumcision? I have been told by a regular doctor that that might be my only alternative. Are there others?No. If the foreskin is narrowed, then circumcision is the only good option. Some perform a partial circumcision, but this is most often followed by a 'real' circumcision within the year. It is done under local anaesthesia. The foreskin is resected until a narrow patch remains just below the rim of the glans, where stitches are used to connect it to the skin of the penile shaft. It takes a couple of weeks to heal.

Question: I have rheumatoid arthritis and crohn's - crohn's is in a significant flare. the past 2 days i've had constant mediocre level pain, never sharp, on my right lower back. last night i cramped with crohn's all night. i've been thirsty for the past 2 days, however continue to pee regularly. in the early morning hours, i've noticed my pee is pale green in colour. the pain in my back feels a lot like the pain when you hurt your tailbone - except it's off to the right and it is continuous. should i be concerned? yesterday i had a strip urine test with my naturopath, which showed my white cells as elevated and toxicity was up. it's not abnormal for my white cells to be up slightly and i'm anemic, of course - haemoglobin has been up to 94 last week though.I think your problems may be too complex to give you an answer through the Internet. If the white cells are up in the urine, that is usually a sign of infection or irritation, so that needs to be checked. In all cases of other diseases present in a patient, we doctors should always be aware of the fact that there may still be soem other problem arisisng, so be careful not to ascribe everything on Crohn or RA.

Question: Is it okay to only urinate once a day? And if not what should be done for it? All of the blood work my doctors have done has come out clear they say the kidneys are working fine.Normal humans should be urinating somewhere between 3-6 times daily, while producing about 1500-2000 cc of urine. If you only go once a day, this may either mean that the bladder contains too much urine (it should only be able to contain about 500 cc) or your kidneys don't produce enough urine (which is caused by not drinking enough if they are working fine). Usually the problem is the latter one, although many people keep on persisting that they drink enough - if they start counting the drinks AND substracting sweating (which may account for upto 1500 cc per day) they often end up thinking differently.

Question: I believe I have an ingrown or infected hair follicle on my penis about an inch long and showing signs of puss discharge when squeezed. It has been slightly uncomfortable and made sexual relations impossible. What is the treatment if any for this? Is it common? will it go away by itself? Thank You for your time.It will most probably go away by itself if it is a simple infection of a hair follicle as you think. But it being an inch long is a bit strange so you have to make sure that it is not some venereal disease. So have it checked by a real doctor.

Question: what could high levels of Epithelial cells in urine signal?Anything and nothing. Large numbers are usually present, depending on the amount of dilution by the urine. The top layers of the inner bladder lining are continuously shedded. In times of bladder infection, more are to be found, but exact numbers are difficult to count because they all pile up, so checking their number will get you nowhere as far as diagnosis are concerned.

Question: I have a penis curvation near bottom to the left side(30 degree),I plan to have an operation to correct it in Dec.But I worry the result a lot.Will there be reduction of irrecting,discomfort? What's the results of surgey? What's worse, I took 2 oprations in the past 3 years, due to hydrocele. Now I have scar in groin and scrotum. The head and body of epididimis were enlarged and have a lot of scars there. The right testicle sticks to the base of penis,being in the way during activities, cause pain during intercourse. I'm irritated a lot,and often feel depressed and & sad. I plan to have testicle replacement surgey to improve and & correct. What's your opinions and suggestions? Could you suggest top clinic and & hospital?
Curvature correction will result in a slightly shorter penis in most cases with current surgical therapy. But the alternative is a curved penis, so the choice is yours. The stitches used for correction will remain in place for the rest of your life and will be felt at first, but will get more or less burried within a couople of months. But if you look for them you will be able to find them when you turn eighty. As far as the scrotum is concerned, they may try to correct the scar tissue, but scars are sometimes difficult to treat in that area and tend to recur. Bear in mind that some of the scars will remain even after a prosthesis implant. Talk about this with your urologist.

Question: Can you please try to explain why,even after having normal sexual activity,and reached orgasm,there is very little(may be one or two drops of semen)during ejaculation. Thanks in advance.Either semen production (90% of semen is produced by the prostate) is too low, or most of the semen goes in the wrong direction, i.e. the bladder, because the tiny sphicter muscle that is supposed to prevent this is not working properly. The production problem may be caused by prostate infection or narrowing of the prostate outlet, but both are less common as a cause then the sphincter problem. Find a urologist and have it sorted out.

Question: why would i have seman in my urine?
During ejaculation, a special sphincter muscle closes the way to the bladder, so the semen, that is 'injected' into the urethra won't be able to go to the bladder. Most often that closure is not perfect, so some of it still leaks to the bladder and mingles with the urine. This is normal.

Question: Six years ago i had a complete penectomy(for non-medical reasons). I realize I probably need psychiatric help for wanting this done, but I am happier being like this than I was before. The problem is that I read something about a man's prostate shriveling up after nine months or abstinence(not forced but voluntary). I think it was just a hoax because said nothing of nocturnal emmisions, which I have every 2 or 3 weeks, and because of things they said that don't coincide with my experience, but I have also read that abstinence can increase the potential for prostate cancer. Is this true, and if so, what other things(diet, exercise) can I do to prevent it. I haven't seen any information about people who have gone through a penecomty at a young age, but I figure there are alot of people who are force to bstain because of mental or physical disability. Any help would be appreciated.You are wrong on both counts. Abstinence does not lead to prostate cancer (in that case a high proportion of monks would have cancer, which they don't), while the prostate does not get any smaller (or bigger) because of abstinence. A lot of stories are told. only very few have been scientifically proven. These are not among them.

Question: For the past year or so, I have had an occasional pain when I urninate (happening approx. once every 2-3 weeks, it seems). Recently, there is also a slight discomfort in one of my testicles. This pain, as well, doesn't occur all of the time. Would it be better to see a urologist or a family doctor, or do I need to see a doctor at all? The pain is in no way extreme, just discomforting.Well, you have to make sure that you do not have an infection, possibly of the bladder and/or prostate. I suugest that you see the family doctor first. If he/she does not come up with an answer and the problems keep on coming then you are probably better off with a urologist. But sometimes the problems just disappears given some time, so there is probably no harm in wating a bit if the family doctor does not find anything wrong.

Question: Is anyone checking this site? I sent E mail on August14, 1998. I have not rec. any info.We have already answered your question, but the email bounced back because the address was faulty. So if you get this message, then send us another email, so we'll be able to send you the original reply.

Question: I am loking for info. on a procedure that was done in the late 50's to early 60's. I think it was called a YOUNG'S Y or a YOUNG'S V. This was to clear blockage to the neck of the bladder.I would like as much info as I could get. I also would like very much to discuss this with other people, who had this done, (males).I know this is a long shot because of medical privacy, but I wonder if there may be a support group or something. As I am sure you are aware this has left me unable to have children, at least in a normal way. I do not know why any doctor would preform this type of operation knowing that this would prevent you from having children.Frankly, I have no knowledge of a Young's Y procedure, or something that sounds like it. But I guess it must be like a bladder neck incision, which was 'invented' somewhere in the sixties and remains in practice today. One of the known side effects is retrograde ejaculation. It is a nice and rather simple type of surgery, done in cases of bladder neck obstruction, usually in elderly men. In each case, the patient is informed of the loss of ejaculation after surgery, but this is usually not a big problem at that age. Ofcourse, in younger patients, it could well be a problem, like you are having now. I don't know if any support groups might exist, but I doubt it, since by far most men will be very happy that they are again able to urinate normally and accept the price that goes with it.

Question: Is an ecoli urinary tract infection any more complicated than any other UTI? The Eschericia Coli bacterium is by far the most common cause of bladder infection. This is so, because those bacteria are found in the intestine, where they play a role in digestion. So your 'common UTI' is an e.coli UTI and is generally the least complicated of them all, but like all other UTI's it may become complicated.

Question: My Son og Age 15 has Varicocella. Th Doctor wants to make him Surgery that consists of cutting and binding Blood Nervous in just upper region of the Bowls. What are the negative sides of this Surgeon?Surgery for varicocele may be indicated for two reasons: it may be painful and there may be a higher chance on infertility. The latter is quite uncertain, though. There are virtually no negative aspects of surgery, beside the usual possibility of infection, failure and pain.

Question: I have been diagnosed with Renal and Uretheral DISNEC. What does DISNEC mean? Thank you in advance. Oh yes, I am 50 yrs old and very worried.
It must be an abbreviation of some kind, but I cannot think of anything that matches it. You better ask your urologist what it means.

Question: often urinaiting bladder neck may be blocked from the top of the prostste
I am sorry, but I cannot determine what your question might be.

Question: hi, i have been feeling a pain in my testicles, for 2 months already, and i still don't know the cause of it. the pain started when i was with this girl and no sex was involved, it was a sudden pain after i got home, why hasn't the pain gone away yet isn's that suppose to be blue balls?, what else could have hapeen to me that the pain doesn't go away and increases wiht ejaculations? thanksMaybe you got a prostate infection, which is usually caused by ordinary bacteria and sex is not needed for that. The prostate pain will be felt in the groin/testicle area. If it does not go away, check with your doctor.

Question: caruncle polyps. have you heard of this? i have a urologist that diagnosed me with this. i am trying to get further info and treatment. please reply. i will gladley answer any questions. i have been treated with premarin cream and in the process of dilantin(sp?) i have had this problem 11 months and desperate for something to work. thank you.A caruncula of the female urethra is faily common in the elderly. It is caused by a softening of the attachment of the bladder mucosa, causing it to 'hang down' until it is visible outside at the urethra exit. The lack of hormones may play a role in it. Therapy consists of surgical removal, which is simple. Many women have no problem having a caruncula, so often no therapy is necessary.

Question: I am 59 years old and since Dec. of last year have been having white blood cells in my urine. I have had 3 cystoscopies. I had 2 red spots on my bladder removed and they were benign but my urologist says changes in the bladder cells were evident and he wants me to stay on top of it. It started with a bladder infection of e-coli and I was given medication for that. The symptoms went away and I feel fine, except everytime I have a urinanalysis, it shows white blood cells. My doctor ordered a urine cytogy and probably will want to do another cystoscopy. Is this a precancerous condition? With your experiences, will this go away or am I facing something further down the road such as tumors, etc. Thank you for your answer.White blood cells in the urine are a sign of irritation or infection. The white cells are part of the defense system of the bladder (and the rest of the body) and are needed for repair and as soldiers to wipe out bacteria. So if the white cells keep coming back, then there is still something like an infection going on. Some reasons for finding white blood cells without the usual bacteria could be tuberculosis or urinary stones. There is no particular reason to suspect this to precancerous, but the infection - or whatever the reason - does not guard you against it either.

Question: Two questions coccerning semen. Im 44 year old white male, 220, 5'10'', excersie (jogging) 3-4x weekly. 1. Yesterday and today had blood in my seman after masturbation. The entire discharge was a pinkish color to a darker red (not dark red as in normal blood color) and all of the semen was colored and one very small yellowish color pus like glob. I appear to have no blood in my urine (at least I can't see it with the naked eye) and no pain or other discomfort when urniating, masturbating or discharge.Blood in semen signifies infection or cancer. At you age, chances on cancer are quite slim, so you'll probably have an infection, which needs treatment.2. In the past six months or so, my semen has become very fluid compared to a more creamy and solid discharge. Is this normal for my age or is there something else that could be wrong or related to the above qustion?
Semen changes with time and age and frequency of intercourse. Any thickness is right.

Question: I am 70 years old. I am having two problems. 1.I'm voidig at least 30 times aday. 2. However very little will flow and i then fight retention.Their may be either an obstruction, i.e. a narrowing of the bladder outlet, or the bladder itself has not enough power to push the urine out. Or a combination of the two. The first problems needs surgery, the second is more difficult to cure. On both counts you need a urologist to sort things out.

Question: hi, i'm a 44 year old that has had a vasectomy 16 yrs ago. the vasectomy wasn't successful but since then i have on and off again pain in my right testicle. there is a rather large knot (if you will) along the bottom of the testicle and a very sensitive sectioned area on the above side. when i ejaculate this area along the bottom becomes very hard and sometimes painful. i was treated in the past for epitimitus and am wondering if that could be the problem again. thank youYes it could, or there could be scar tissue, or a spermatocele. What you need is an examination by a real doctor and an ultrasound of the area.

Question: My mother is 74 and has had blood in her urine on and off for the last few months. We have been told that her bladder is damage. The doctors have told her it is due to the drug cytoxin which she had been on for several yrs. She has vasculitis and that is the reason for the cytoxin. She has not taken it since Nov. yet the bleeding persist. She has had flushing done 3 times. The last two using medication. Also they have just used the medicine Formaline(not sure on spelling) They say this is the last resort. The doctor is not sure why the bleeding keeps reoccuring. He has done several scopes and cleared the bladder of clots. My mother also has diabetes. My question is could they be missing something? Is the last resort to remove the bladder? Any advice you could give would be greatly appriciated.They've probably checked everything. Blood in the urine may be caused by infection, stones or tumors as main causes, but some cytotoxic agents may indeed damage the bladder wall. This however usually disappears after a while. Formalin is a dreadful way to cauterize the bladder, but usually ends up making things worse by inflicting more damage. So its use is obsolete and nowadays alum is sometimes used to do the trick. If that does not help, and other causes for bleeding are excluded, then hyperbaric oxygen usually helps in 80 percent of cases, but takes a while and is not available everywhere. The last resort is not removal of the bladder, but diverting the urine to an outlet on the abdominal wall. Afterwards, the bladder, which is not irritated by the urine anymore, stops bleeding. Due to alum and hyperbaric oxygen (and a lot of patience), it's been quite some years since I last did surgery for this reason.

Question: i have a problem with going to the bathroom 3,4 or even 5 times in the night? i do exersise everyday thus drinking a lot of water but i've experimented before and stoped drinking liquids even at around 7p.m. and still get up in the night. any ideasEither you produce a lot of urine during the night or your bladder is irritated (by something) so you have to relieve yourself of many small amounts of urine. An irritation may be caused by a slight infection or a bladder stone and may be worse while standing, or sitting, or in bed. In any case, it would be wise to see a doctor about this.

Question: My daughter is 27 years of age. She has had multiple operations since two days after her birth. He paediatrician has now utilised her bladder and augmented it with part of her bowel to make it large enough. Her urethral tract was, many years ago, utilised as a vagina. He doctor has now given her an external outlet from her bladder which she has to catheterise at least four to five times a day. Unfortunately, the theory has not resulted in her being able to put it into practise as she has not been able to insert the catheter due to the tract being too tight through the opening into the bladder. Her condition is very rare. Is there anyone else out there with a similar problem, or is there any association to which she can communicate?Unfortunately, the condition is not so rare. Many people have these kind of 'continent pouches' as they are called. You may contact the International Continence Society (ICS); the website adress can be found at the 'links' page of the UROLOGY PAGE at www.urolog.nl

Question: I was just wondering if there is anyway to strengthen the bladder muscles, so as to be able to hold more urin in your bladder? Or make the bladder bigger? Is there anything you know of to allow me to do this? Like maybe holding for a long time? Will this strengthen the muscles?Yes, you may try holding it in longer every day. It may take a while, but most women succeed in strengthening the muscles so that they don't have to go to the toilet as often anymore. There are specific training methods too, and some physiotherapists may be of help.

Question: I'm hoping you can help me with this: Often I get in situations where I am *very* desperate to pee. Many times I am by myself in the car, or outside. I usually press up against my pee hole. I'm wondering if I can cause any damage to the bladder by pressing against my pee hole and holding the urin in that way? I basically push up on it or else put my hand on it so that pee can't get out. Looking for your responce.There are many women with that problem. Sometimes, medication can be of help. Part of the problem is psychological, however, and cure for that one is more difficult. There is probably no harm in what you do to keep the urine in - if it want to get out, it will anyway.

Question: My urine stream feels weak for several months. Also, at the end of urinating I have to push several times to make sure my bladder is empty. In the last year I notice I get up at night a few times to urinate, also something new. I thought I was just getting older. Just previous to ejaculation I have noticed my penis gets smaller, as though it is making room for the sperm to come out. My family on my fathers side has a history of Kidney stones, with the exception of my father. Could this be it? There is no pain or major discomfort, I just noticed a change. Oh by the way I am 41, in good shape, run three times a week, and maybe twenty pounds over weight.I think you better find yourself a urologist to have a look. It seems that the bladder outlet is blocked somewhere, either at prostate level or further along the way out. There may be many things causing this, so you'll need an examination to find out. Chances are that kidney stones will have nothing to do with it, although it won't hurt too much to check this out too. If there is anything wrong with urination, then erections/ejaculations usually suffer a bit too. Have it checked.

Question: 42yo general good health three weeks ago penis discomfort...one oral unprotected sex situation. vd clinic check, inter muscular shot for gonorrhea and 10day 100mgx2 doxycicline. three days after full course(and no sex) pain in left testicle and testicale is being pulled way up in sac... vd center says i didnt have any of the following- no gonorrhea, no clamidia, no syphalis, no aids.... blood tests and cultures done. now taking 500mgx2 of cipro, still in pain.... vd doc never said what i might have or what it might be... live in very rural situation..... what could it be and what should i do now? PLEASE DO ANSWER..... ive looked in the web pages but unsure of what it is. no fever left testicle very tender, worse at night then in am. pain is radiating into left flank im starting to WORRY bisg time here... it was bad enough when i thought vd now not knowing is worse.no sores anywhere. i hope this is enough for you to make a guess.In any case, you should see a urologist as soon as possible. It may be either an infection of the epididymis or a blocking of the blood supply to the testicle. Both give rise to swelling and pain. Ultrasound with Doppler examination may be necessary to sort it out. For this you need a somewhat bigger hospital and a urologist. Find one!

Question: i was born with an extrophy of the bladder and i only have one kidney.i had an indiana pouch made. Admitted to hospital 22 tines in the last 30 months for kidney and bladder infections. i am very resistant to all antibiotics and have been thru every test known to help find why i am still getting sick.(mri's cat scans ,ultra sounds,xrays, ivp's,nuclear lasic renograms, creatine clear tests and nothing seems to tell them why i keep getting sick.please help me if you can. if you know of someone who would like a good challenge and a chance to help someone please call.i have 2 health insurance companysI am afraid that I cannot help you there. Your illness is quite complicated and with all those tests already done, it's impossible for me to tell what's wrong from such a distance. I suggest that you may try to contact the American Urological Association at www.auanet.org and see if they can help you with another view on the matter.

Question: What is normally the cause of impotance? i have been unable to maintain an erection for the past eighteen years, infact I can not even get an erection any longer. I went to have it checked out several years ago, infact twice while I was in my 30's and still in the military. Both times I was told to bend over the table and then told that the problem was all in my head.Where should I look for further treatment in the Salem,Or. area. thank you.There can be one of three causes: psychological, bloodvessel problems or neurological. If you want to know which one it is, then you should find yourself a urologist - any one will do.

Question: Am seeking urologists in U.S. highly skilled in performing surgery for Peyronie's disease, either affiliated with hospitals or clinics.Nearly all urologists will be skilled to perform surgery for Peyronie's disease, since it is quite common and the surgery involved rather straightforward. You may try to find a list of American urologists at the web site of the American Urological Association, the AUA at www.auanet.org.

Question: After arising this morning I noticed a spot of blood about the size of a quarter on my underwear. I did not notice blood in my urine. What does this suggest?
That is either came out of the urethra or the anus. Either way, it needs checking, so visit your doctor.

Question: I am 39yrs old i did a circumcision about 7 months ago. The operation went well but iam still feeling pain around the area that was cut, some times the pain is very severe ,i have gone back to the urologist that did the operation about three times he gave me voltaren but i only got minor relief from them. Waiting for your speedy reply .
Sorry, I cannot help you there. I should have to able to examine the penis, but that is still impossible through the Internet. Some men complain of pain at the edge of the penis for a very long time, though, after a circumcision. Luckily, it always gets cured in the end in all of my patients, but it may take up to one year. The length of time needed also depends on the reason for the circumcision. If there was an infection before the surgery, than it generally takes longer.

Question: MY GRANDMA HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH A STAGHORN CALCULI TO THE RIGHT KIDNEY,WHAT ARE HER TREATMENT OPTIONS.HER DR. IS TALKING NEPHRECTOMY.It depends on the how much function there is left in that kidney. If it is doing well, than an operation to remove the stone can be done. Several types of surgery are possible depending on location, size etcetera. In many cases, however, the kidney has suffered much and is either functioning minimally or has a chronic infection. In those cases, if the other kidney is well, a nephrectomy may be the best option. Ofcourse, everything also depends on the physical condition of your grandmother. A nephrectomy may also be a good option if her health is not so good anymore, for that type of surgery is rather swift and often less demanding than the other options.

Question: I am 18 years old. Last year while having a sonogram for something urelated to my problem. An inlarged Kidney was discovered. After several tests it was determined I have a partilly blocked uretor with 40% function beleived to be conjenital. Prior to a scope I had no symptems. A short time after that test I developed a kidney infection (Ecoli). Three months later another one. I need the advice of a reputable Urologist who has extensive experience in the latest procedures located in New York City. What advice can you give and who would you recomend ?
40 percent is not bad, when you consider that a normal kidney function is between 40-60 percent of total kidney function (i.e. both). And that's the way that these tests are usually configured. But if these infection keep on coming back AND there is a relation to the involved kidney, maybe some therapy is needed. I cannot help you on finding a urologist in the NY area. You may try to find out at the website of the American Urological Association: www.auanet.org

Question: what can I do with a distended bladder. I have problems emptying the bladder. I'm 80 years old. Since my young days, I have urethral streshingProblems with bladder emptying may reside in the bladder, being to weak, or the prostate or another narrowing of the urethra, or both. Being 80, means that everything, every organ is 80. So, in years, the bladder may become more laxe and less strong. If it is distended, the strength has lessened, which will probably not get any better. Some medication may improve it a bit. The main thing is to keep everything downstream in order, i.e. no obstructing prostate or strictures, so that every inch of force the bladder can manage, will be used to empty the bladder and not to fight the obstruction. Your urologist can tell you more.

Question: I had noticed a bump on my penis a couple of motnts ago, I went to the doctor and he told me it was a zit. Reccently I poped it but instead of going away now it's larger and has turned from white in the inside to blackish, I was wondering what it is and what should I do? please reply ASAPYou should see the doctor once more. I should have to see it to be able to put a diagnosis to it and this, unfortunately, is impossible through the internet.

Question: Lately I have noticed that when I ejaculate my ejaculate comes out in a jslly like form. Seems to happen if I have not ejaculated for awhile, then goes back to normal if I ejaculate frequently. Why the change. 27 yrs old. I have notices a swelling in the epiditimus area like a soft sack-like structure. This too seems to get smaller as I increase the frequency of my ejaculation. Both these symptoms are new to me I hope you can give me some information.Don't worry about color or composition of semen as long as it isn't red or brown. It may change from time to time and year to year as you are changing yourself. I cannot tell you much about the other thing - I should be able to see and feel it. If it worries you, find a urologist.

Why do most bananas have a bend? Because bananas and most men's penises are born that way. A real straight penis is seldomly seen. In some men, however, the bend is acquired and sometimes needs fixing.

Question: My aunt has had a cystectomy, the surgery caused a build up of scar tissue in the left ureter causing urine to backup into the kidney (hydroflux). I need to know what the alternatives there are for her, is more surgury a guarantee of no further complications, what type of surgury is there, laser, etc. Any reccommendations? Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.So she has reflux to the kidney. Question is whether it is causing her any trouble, because mostly it does not. Usually, during operation, a antireflux mechanism is sown in, but it often fails. If there is really a problem, then the antireflux mechanism should be repaired, which is not an easy task. A 'normal' operation is the only way to do that, but failure rate is still pretty high.

Uric acid is a breakdown product of proteins, so its level tends to go up if you eat a lot of meat. It may cause gout or kidney stones. Fortunately, most of the time, it does not cause anything. Therapy is related to the effects, gout or stones, it causes. Brownish semen is caused by blood in the semen, which may be caused by infection or cancer. You have checked everything in the urinary tract yourself?? How can you?

Question: After a successful surgery on a Varicocele, what is the percentage of reoccurence?
0 (zero)
Question: Is it there a risk of reoccurence after a successfull surgery?NoQuestion: Should reoccuring results of a varicocele be anticipated after an excellent prognosis?Is sugical correction required in order to eliminate a Varicocele that is not persitient?
Surgical correction of varicocele is only indicated if it causes pain or, in very few cases, if doctor and patient agree that everything should be done to correct infertility (the link between varicocele and infertility is still debated).

Question: I am looking for information concerning Pyronie's disease (like the proper spelling), such as non-surgical treatment.I would also like to get some epidemiological data if possible.There is some info on Peyronie's disease to be found on the Urology Page under the 'penis' section. If you are looking for scientific data, then you better find yourself a medical library and pick up any book on general urology. I doubt that you will find much epidemiological data, though. The disease is not cancer, so there's no funding into research, while therapy is rather straightforward. But you may try ...

Question: My 6 year old daughter is facing surgery for kidney reflux. The doctor said he would cut the ureter and reinsert it into the bladder. Are there any complications to this procedure? How safe is this? How long is recovery time for this age? Will there be a big incision?The operation is rather straightforward abd succesrates average 90-95 percent. Complications in children are rare and include mainly failure of the operation, infection and problems related to anaesthesia, like vomiting, stomach problems etcetera. Of course, it is an operation, so just about anything could happen, but happily, it almost never does. Usually, those children recover VERY fast and are out playing again within days. The ones suffering the most are usually the parents.

Question: My husband has had prostrate problems for almost a year. His first PSA was at 4+, the next at 5, and the last one at 7. His doctor has had him on floxin off and on for the last year. His biopsy was negative. Are there other problems of the prostrate which can cause the PSA to rise?There are three: big prostates, prostate infection (prostatitis), prostate cancer. If it keeps rising then ultrasound examination and another set of biopsies should be done. Especially when he is over fifty.

Question: son born with extrosphy of bladder. where can i find more info.As far as I know, there is no website specially designated for these problems, but there are patient groups dealing with these problems in several countries. Your local doctor may be able to give you info on that. Books on the subject are quite dificult to read for the lay, while I don't expect there to be any 'popular' works on the subject, since extrophia is, fortunately, rare. Why don't you try a bigger library with a computer database and search for it?

Question: I am 42 y/o white female who has had acute pyelonephritis 3 times in the last four years. Each time,it was preceeded by a viral infection -flu or abdominal virus with cramps.Could the bacteria causing this be dormant and emerge under times of stress? I am an RN and practice good hygiene-take good care of myself- eat right-don't smoke-exercise,etc. I am concerned that this situation could become chronic. Want to make sure I am doing everything right. Don't really want to go on prophylactic antibiotics unless I have to. Any research that showers are better than tub baths to prevent re-infection? Could my husband be transmitting the bacteria through sex? Any research,info,advice helpful-I am going back to uroloigst.I live in small Miss town-want the latest research/advice-don't always get it here.You probably have a higher chance of urinary infections, which must be analysed. The viral infections usually only function as a catalyst: they serve to keep your immune system busy, while, at the other end, an 'almost' infection of the bladder takes advantage. The problems are two-fold: for some reason, you have a higher chance of bladder infections (which proceeds the kidney infection); the cystitis easily leads to pyelonephritis. So, two things to get analysed by your urologist. Usually, normal hygiene is enough, while your husband generally has nothing to do with it - unless you have been married very recently. As to latest research: nothing new has evolved in the past few years.

Question: recently i saw blood in my semen after having intercource can you tell me what it can be. This happened before too Thank you for your information.Blood in the semen is most often caused by irritation of the prostate, which in turn may be caused by infection, stones or cancer. If you are under forty, you may go to a doctor and have it checked, above firty you MUST go to a doctor (because you chances on cancer are much higher then).

Question: I am 29 years old. Recently I have noticed by palpation a small nodule (about 2-3 mm) in the surface of my left testicle. It is located craneoventrally. I have not any other sympthoms. I think there is not an increase in the size of the testicle. I have not pain. Only sometines I feel a slightly uncomfortable sensation in the testicle. Could it be a testicle cancer? Do you think I need an urologist examination?If you find anything on or in your testicle that was not there before, you can never be sure that it is not testicular cancer without a proper examination: yes, you should see a urologist as soon as possible.

Question: This is an odd 2 year problem. It usually is aggravated during or after sex, which was how it started. It starts out as pressure or strain in the lower left abdomen area. As the strain in this area becomes more pronounced, a shot or pulses of pain shoot to the left side of the penis head, which often would happen during penetration or any hard pressure to the penis head. Additionally, the left side of my lower back will feel stiff after the other symptoms appear. The problem gets worse if I have sex more than once a day or so. The problem subsides through abstinence, but it never completely goes away. I had chiropractic adjustments to the back, but it didn't help. I would appreciate any advice you have to offer.Maybe it is a prostatitis, which can have very different symptoms from patient to patient. Or a prostatodynia, which may cause the same symptoms, can be regarded as an inflammation of the prostate, but without bacteria. In some cases, the symptoms and disease will just go away after some time, but it may take weeks to months. If it does not, you should consult a urologist. On the other hand, some orthopaedic problems can also cause groin pain, especially during/after exercise, like intercourse.

Question: Two attempts to correct a left varicocele resulted in the loss of the left testicle(3 surgeries altogrther). Now I am faced with pain from a right varicocele. The The left varicocele came on very suddenly and was very painful. The right one has come on more gradually and is less painful. I had a KUB and ultrasound of the kidney 2 years ago at age 44 at the time of the onset of the left varicocele and the tests showed normal. What might be the causes of this recurring problem.It is very uncommon to lose a testicle as a result of a varicocele operation. It is even rare to have a right varicocele, since anatomy dictates that a varicocele is only possible at the left side, unless there is something really wrong, like something exerting pressure on the right testicular vein. So you better have it checked right away and have another ultrasound performed to find out what's wrong.

Question: My problem is pain on the right side of my groan area upon ejaculation, while masterbating. No pain is experienced/noticed during intercourse. A vasectomy was performed 4+ years ago and think it's been happening there after. After reading the web page on vasectomy pain, it sound rather common. I have never been to a Doctor concerning this matter. Should it be something to be concerned about??? Thank you for any assistance you can give me on this. It is usually not something to be concerned about, but if the pain keeps on coming back, maybe a visit to your local urologist may be an option. Sometimes a slight infection takes place right after the vasectomy, cause an excess of scar tissue to form there, which may cause pain later. If so, it needs to be removed surgically. This, in turn, may again cause scar tissue formation which may again cause discomfort, so if it does not bother you too much, leave it.

Question: I am 27 and am experiencing a lot of pressure on my bladder and a cramping sensation in my bladder and urethra after i urinate. I have had several urine tests and all have come back negative.I saw a urologist and he put me on Lorazepam 1mg once or twice a day as I need it. It seems to give me some relief of the symptoms but doesn't seem to treat the problem He also took me off my birthcontrol ortho-cept, saying he thought this was the cause. I've been folowing this advise for 2 months but feel no better. I also feel an "urge" to urinate again right after I just went.I would appreciate any ideas as to what might be the problem or any further coarse of action I might take. I am quite uncomfortable and no one seems to be able to help. I have been reading about Interstitial Cystitis it sounds kind of like me,but I don't have a lot of pain. Can you have this condition without pain? Please help! Feel like I'm loosing my mind!!Urgency is, unfortunately, not a rare problem. Generally it is either caused by something irritating the bladder, or the bladder irritating itself. Thing that may irritate the bladder are infections, stones, certain medication, certain foods or drinks. Sometimes a 'near-infection' is causing this, for example in women who just, i.e. less than a year, had a 'new' boyfriend and still have to get used to a 'new bacterial environment'. A lot of people experience urge when they drink (a lot of) coffee, tea, alcohol or spicy food. Sometimes, the bladder itself is at fault: either an 'irritable bladder' or, worse, interstitial cystitis (IC). IC usually also causes pain, especially when the bladder is filled up. Usually the inside image of the bladder at cystoscopy, which will undoubtedly have been done by your urologist, is quite typical, so I don't think that you have IC. If everything else is ruled out, the only thing left is 'irritable bladder', meaning that your bladder is easily irritated, but we don't know why. In that case, different medication may be tried to relieve the urge, although most people will still experience discomfort even when the medication works. Fortunately, in a lot of cases, the urgency diminishes with age.

Question: Are polyps in the bladder the same or similar to 'stones' in the bladder? If yes, are they treated in the same manner?Polyps are bladder cancer, which comes in sizes and number and types and degrees of malignancy. Cure consists of removal, usually through a cystoscopy. Stones are, well, stones, which need to be removed also and/or crushed, and have nothing to do with cancer (usually).

Question: One frequently overlooked cause of incontinence or over activity is neurologic damage due to a tethered Spinal cord. Of all the women with the condition that that I know - it presented first as bladder problems. This is perhaps an area that should be mnentioned. I do have a question in this area TC and neurologic damage and that is whether any one has any info on incontinence as a result of orgasm. There are a number of us with tethered cord that are having this problem and any help or further information would be greatly appreciated.We try to keep things tidy on our Page, so not all possible causes are mentioned for any disease. It would simply make the pages too long. But we'll keep your suggestion in mind It is of course entirely possible that the enormous nervous activity during orgasm may cause a temporary disruption of the nervous feedback control system of the bladder. Some women without TC have the same problem with orgasms. So it is quite feasible that TC patients would even more suffer from it. Since there are still a lot of questions in TC and the name itself is nothing more than a description of a complex of symptoms more or less related to a common cause, I doubt whether anyone could give you more information about the specific cause of this one symptom of TC than I just have.

Question: Hello. My boyfriend has felt a slight pain in one of his testicles two days ago, and now the testicle seems a bit swollen but there is no more pain. He is 27 years old. Should he go to a urologist immediately? I read your section on the testicle and I am worried that it might be cancer. What is your advice?Usually testicular cancer is not painful, but it may be. If the swelling is still there, than there are plenty of reasons to see a doctor right away. It may still be cancer, or torsion or infection, in which cases fertility is at stake. Have him see a urologist.

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