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Prostaat, De Meest Gestelde Vragen Alles wat U altijd al over de prostaat wilde weten
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Patient information: PANEL

URO SPECIAL. Special pages for special problems. Information on frequent urological problems. Impotence - Interstitial Cystitis - Vasectomy Reversal   KIDNEY. An introduction about the location and form of the kidneys, and their function in daily human life. About what may go wrong and how to find out. And what can be done about it.   BLADDER. Where is it located and what is it for. Can it cause trouble; and if it does, what kind of trouble. Which examinations exist. Which kind of solutions are there when it does not function properly.   PROSTATE. An organ that, especially in the elderly, is quite often thought and talked about, although many do not know what it is for and/or where it can be found. How does one go about to find out whether the prostate does or does not do what it is intended to do, whether it is obstructing etc. How can problems be solved. Included is a questionnaire to get an estimate on the severity of urinating problems.   PENIS. An organ that, especially in the younger, is quite often thought and talked about, while most do know what it stands for and how it looks like. Many people, however, do not know how it (he) works and what can be done if it (he) does not work.   TESTICLE. Like the kidneys, the testicles are supplied in duplicate. They harbour two distinct functions. What can go wrong and how can we solve that. How can the testicles be tested.   UROLOGY. What kind of doctor is a urologist anyway, what does he/she do. Which part of the body 'belongs' to the 'urologic area'. Also the location of the small print. UROPANEL: questions to the urologists' panel.
Questions to the urology panel

Great care has been taken to put as much information as possible on the Urology Page and to answer some frequently asked questions about some urologic health problems. Undoubted ly, with some readers questions will remain unanswered. In the rather scarce space allotted for the Urology Page it is, unfortunately, impossible to deal with urology as a whole, while, on the other hand, some problems are highly individual and need 'personal' attention. In cases where medical help has already been sought, it seems plausible to put remaining questions to the doctor/urologist, because he/she will have every bit of information about the case before him/her. In other cases and/or if there is still some clarification needed, we have created a possibility for you to pose questions to the Urologic Panel.
We however stress the fact that the answers to these question can only be regarded as additional background information and should not be looked upon as a replacement for the information your doctor has supplied. The Internet can not replace your doctor.

Do not forget to supply your E-mail address for without that the answer will not reach you.

Some people still send us a question without a (proper) e-mail address; to accomodate those, who have still not received a reply because we do not know where to send it, we have decided to publish those, anonymized, questions (and answers). If you did not get a reply and are wondering why, this is the place to look.

Due to holidays and congress visits, the answers may be delayed. Please be patient.

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