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Prostaat, De Meest Gestelde Vragen Alles wat U altijd al over de prostaat wilde weten
Heldere antwoorden op veelgestelde vragen
Geschreven door UROlog redacteur en uroloog Joop Noordzij
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UROlog is set up and maintained by a group of professional health workers, including urologists, general physicians and technical staff.
The nucleus of this group is formed by Bram Y.W. Zeijlemaker, urologist (Hilversum), Christiaan F.P. van Swol, physicist (Utrecht), and Joop W. Noordzij, urologist (Amsterdam). They are assisted by a small group of urologists, general practitioners and physicists. We do not strive for a large group of people to be working on the editorial board of UROlog, rather we like to keep things small and simple with short lines of communication. On the other hand, enough specialists are close at hand to fill in some knowledge gaps if needed or present and maintain a piece of information.
If you should have any urology health related questions, you are first referred to the Patient Info Pages, available in both English and Dutch. Should any questions still remain, then you may fill in the question form to be found in the 'urology' section.

The UROlog Foundation is funded by a group of sponsors who have generously and unrestrisctively donated funds to allow this website to exist and flourish. The Foundation is the legal backbone of the UROlog website.

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